24/7 Crisis Line Number: 306-425-4090
(Collect calls accepted)

24/7 Crisis Line Number: 306-425-4090
(Collect calls accepted)

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Shelter Services:
306-425-3900 – click to dial

24/7 Crisis Line Number:
306-425-4090 – click to dial
(Collect calls accepted)

About us

Vision, Mission & Values

Our goal is that all individuals and families within Northern Saskatchewan will have the
opportunity to live healthy lives free from violence.


The La Ronge Native Women’s Council inc. has strong ties to the community of La
Ronge and surrounding area, the organization was established in 1978. The council had
important roles in bringing the local detox, daycare, and friendship centre into the
community, aiding in establishing boards for those projects, and maintaining the Piwapan
women’s centre shelter as their primary project.

Sisters In Spirit

Governing Board

La Ronge Native Women’s Council is a non-profit volunteer board made up of 7 community members.

Sue Carriere
Tammy Robinson
Erin Carter
Kim Stomp
Angelique Clinton
Donna Banach
Arleen Windigo

LRNWCI memberships are available for $2.00. To vote at an Annual General Meeting you must be a paid member.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Piwapan Women’s Centre is proud to work with provincial and local agencies for projects that work toward ending violence.

Piwapan Women’s Centre is dual funded by provincial and federal monies. Indigenous Services Canada and the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General (CSWB). Both on and off reserve Outreach Services are funded through these same departments (Off-reserve is provincially funded and on-reserve is federally funded).

Indigenous Services Canada also funds the Crisis Intervention Project and provided Piwapan Women’s Centre with Covid-19 funds to attain PPE and other supplies during Covid-19 pandemic.

Links to Funders:

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)

Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice and Attorney General

Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE) Piwapan Women’s Centre’s “Northern Connections” MMIW project was funded by WAGE.

YAP – Saskatchewan Prevention Institute-Northern Youth Action for Prevention Program has partnered with Piwapan Women’s Centre to bring the Iskwesis Club to our community.

Canadian Women’s Foundation – provided a grant for Covid-19 expenses for our Outreach clients during the pandemic.

Women Shelters Canada – Through PATHS and Women Shelters Canada, Piwapan Women’s Centre was one of three shelters in Canada selected to be part of a pilot project-the Circle of Safety. Circle of Safety is a process developed through Justice Options for women.

Justice Options for Women (Circle of Safety)

Sister Shelters – Collectively known as “Sister Shelters of Saskatchewan,” Piwapan Women’s Centre in La Ronge, is in collaboration with other four First Nations Women’s shelters across Saskatchewan including:

  • Safe Haven Women’s Shelter in Yorkton, Sask.
  • Waskoosis Safe Shelter in Meadow Lake,
  • TFHQ Safe Shelter in Fort Qu’Appelle
  • Athabasca Women’s Shelter in Black Lake, Sask.

With the support of RedMane Technology, Sisters Shelters of Saskatchewan has implemented the mCase platform; a cloud based, secure and mobile software system to enable shelter staff to manage shelter operations, organize client services, and support outreach efforts more efficiently.

PATHS – Provincial Association of Transition Houses in Saskatchewan – Piwapan Women’s Centre currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Provincial Association of Transition Houses of Saskatchewan

SASS – Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan – Piwapan Women’s Centre currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan.

Through our work with SASS, Piwapan is also involved in the Sexual Assault Investigations Review Committee – F Division. SAIRC reviews will become an important extension to the sexual assault investigations process, ensuring RCMP investigations are thorough, impartial, and properly classified.

The Committee’s mandate is to:

  • Make case-specific recommendations which could lead to the file being re-classified and/or the re-opening/taking further investigative actions for cases determined to have deficiencies that may impact the outcome of the investigation.
  • Make broad-based recommendations to improve the RCMP’s response to complaints of sexual assault and enhance RCMP policies, procedures, and training.
  • Working collaboratively with subject matter experts will help the RCMP develop a victim-centered response to sexual assault crimes, improve the quality of investigations and enhance community confidence and trust in the investigation of sexual assault offences.

Domestic Violence Committee – The Domestic Violence Committee was formed in 2017 with representation across all sectors of government along with community-based non-profits. Piwapan continues to work with the Domestic Violence Committee to find programming dollars to meet the needs of community members in addressing violence. Member agencies include Victim Services, Prosecution, Legal Aid, Mental Health and Addictions, Prevention and Recovery Services, Probation Services, and the Northern Alcohol Strategy.

PA Mobile Crisis – Our partnership with Prince Albert Mobile Crisis Centre, has provided the opportunity to have a sexual assault worker attend La Ronge and work with victims of Sexual Assault. Pre-Covid the visits were twice per month, during Covid our agency provided a cell phone to the program to maintain contact with clients. With the help of Victim Services and Mental Health Services and the shelter, they have provided much needed counselling.

HUB – Is a collaborative inter-agency approach to situations of acutely elevated risk. The table meets twice weekly and is comprised of a spectrum of service providers covering multiple jurisdictions of both on and off reserve. The team works together to develop immediate, coordinated, and integrated responses by mobilizing existing resources with the intent of reducing risk in a timely manner. Piwapan Women’s Centre has two members that sit at the HUB table.

Fresh Start Phone Program – SaskTel and Provincial Association of Transition Houses (PATHS) have partnered to provide phones to Women who are fleeing domestic violence so that they are able to access emergency services when necessary. Women staying at the shelter, who do not have a phone are provided with a Fresh Start Phone.